Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Tragic Deaths of Young Celebrities - 13

Of course, that was before he nearly blew out a damn ear drum. What he’d done was take the firing pin assembly and part of the barrel from the shot gun and put it inside the camera. The camera didn’t work at all, of course, but he was able to press a button and fire a shot.

Shotguns are loud, which Johnny knew and still managed to not consider when he put the monster on his shoulder and fired. He was worried that the whole thing might explode and he’d end up a corpse out here in the desert, never to be found. He was focused on the wrong thing, though, and the sound beside his head nearly dropped him. He did drop the camera gun, which actually caused the camera gun to go off, resulting in no particular harm to Johnny but did result in the tragic death of a nearby cactus.

The camera was not a particularly elegant weapon, but Johnny was able to hit what he aimed at with a little bit of practice. He tweaked the designed, and the final version actually fired two shells at once. It didn’t have any particular range on it, and he’d only get one shot, but both of those were okay, because at the range he would be at, he wouldn’t need anything else.

Johnny actually felt pretty clever about the simplicity of the thing. It was loud, but that absolutely would not matter; at a public event the screaming of young girls was so intense that you couldn’t have heard a jet going off. Likewise the muzzle flash, such as it was, would be mostly invisible in the daylight.

As far as he was concerned, the camera was further proof that he was doing the right thing. The Singer was sufficiently stupid that he couldn’t tell you that Germans spoke German, and yet he was a millionaire. Johnny could build something that would allow him to penetrate security and kill The Singer and walk away, and nobody knew his name.

His execution of the Starlet wasn’t just helpful because it gave him the money he needed for the Singer; it also helped him to be able to get to the Singer. He’d made enough connections that he was able to get press credentials to the live premier of a special concert and movie combination.

Johnny, at some level, had to admire the ingenuity of the concept. The movie, essentially the biography of some who hadn’t actually had a life, had been released in 3D. Now, there was no particular reason for it to be released in 3D, except that there was a surcharge for the 3D.

When the movie started to lose sales at its regular rate, they put it out again with bonus footage added. Now that those sales were starting to decline, they were putting on arena shows where the movie was shown, and various people, like the Singer’s alarmingly young mother, would come out and add what was essentially DVD commentary.

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