Monday, March 7, 2011

The Tragic Deaths of Young Celebrities - 11

The tricky part was the weapon. The days when you could whip a pistol out of your coat and expect a successful assassination were pretty much gone. Too much security, too many people. The Singer would be easier to get to in a public place than most other available targets, but that didn’t mean there was no security. In fact, there was lots of security. Johnny was pretty sure he had a way to get around it, but he was going to need to work out a few kinks first.

He was kind of amused that the money he got for pictures of The Starlet were what funded this next venture. He didn’t even want to think about the amount of money and time he spent getting it right. There was no particular time table on this one, but pop star fame could be a mercurial thing, and The Singer had already jeopardized it by getting a new haircut. There were also worrying signs that he was starting to go through puberty, which if left unchecked could ruin the androgynous appeal he had for young girls. Johnny decided to move on it as fast as he could.

One thing that actually did work in Johnny’s favor was that he had always been good with his hands. His grandfather had called this being mechanically inclined, and had always seemed disappointed that Johnny opted to go to college rather becoming a mechanic or, even better, a heavy equipment operator. Johnny wondered what his grandfather would think about Johnny using his mechanical talents for this. He thought he’d be proud of him. Any sane person would.

It had to be a gun. Mechanical inclination notwithstanding, Johnny didn’t think that he could get any bomb he could make close enough, let alone have a reasonably guaranteed kill. Johnny could have probably killed The Singer with his bare hands, what with the star being the size of a child and having all the apparent muscle tone of a rubber band, but The Singer was constantly surrounded by bodyguards who could probably pop Johnny’s skull like and overripe melon. So he needed something with some range. He needed a gun.

What kind of gun was the initial question. He considered a pistol, but that had a couple of problems. First, while he was willing to risk death or prison for the greater good, Johnny would prefer neither. A pistol was obvious, and was for close up work, and the chances of him dumping a clip into The Singer and walking away weren’t good. Which might have been acceptable, were it not for the second issue, which was that any good security team would see him drawing the gun and swarm the Singer. The little pop superstar might not give much though to his position, but he was a billion dollar asset for people who were very smart. Security would be tight. Handguns were out.

The next option, of course, was the assassin’s standby, a high powered rifle. This was something that Johnny gave some serious consideration to. He’d done a lot of hunting when he was younger, and he was a decent shot. If he had hunting rifle with a scope, he could definitely take out The Singer.

But again, there were limitations on its effectiveness as an assassination tool. If The Singer were a politician, security would check all the buildings with a line of site. That didn’t seem likely to be the case here, but all of the buildings around all of the venues were the singer would be out in public were private. Which meant that either they would be occupied or they would be alarmed. It was hard to wander around with a rifle and not be looked at with a certain degree of suspicion by the police. Getting chucked in the clink before he managed to kill The Singer wouldn’t work. Truth be told, he didn’t want to be far away when he did it. He wanted to be there. He wanted to feel it.

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