Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday Update

I am, for once in my freaking life, actually ahead of schedule. Not just because I'm writing this Sunday/ Monday morning - I actually have stuff ready shceduled to post through the end of the week.

So, what will you get this week at the Pulp:

Tragic Deaths of Young Celebrities - Finished. I meant to have it finished last week (and technically, I did) but it ran half again as long as I'd intially anticipated, and since I try to keep the posts at around 500 words, it ended going long in posts.

Messengers - This will start running again at the end of the week, and there should be consistant updates until it finishes.

Red Teeth - I'm actually doing a different posting strategy with this, where I'm actually posting whole chapters. There should be another chapter up later this week.

Misc - I'm going to start tossing in some non fiction, writing related posts, maybe this week. Might be interesting, might suck. There will also be a post mortem for TDYC, which probably needs one more than most. That should run, uh, Saturday?

After Messengers completes, I'm going to be focusing on Red Teeth and a series of short stories set in the Puncher universe - I'm aiming to have them both out in ebook form sometimes towards the end of April, so that will be the primary focus.

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