Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Update

Another monday, another update.

This week:

Messengers - Continues. Nope, still not finished. It's definitely going over ten thousand words, and fifteen probably isn't out of the question.

Red Teeth - Another chapter will be up this week, probably in and around Friday.

Ticker - I'm going to finish this sometime this week. There's maybe a thousand words left, so it won't take long and I'll have that particular monkey off my back.

Someone asked me about stuff that was a little less horrifying, so it's not a bad idea to recap what the finished stories here and what you can expect:

The Tragic Deaths of Young Celebrities - No horror, unless you count Justin Bieber or the cast of the Jersey Shore. Which I do.

Kill Phil - Actually a comedy story. No horror unless you're afraid of groundhogs.

Sweetmeats - Straight up horror.

The Bean King - Another fairly straight horror story.

Puncher - It does involve zombies, but I don't know that I would actully call it horror. It more action with the added risk of being devoured.

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