Sunday, March 13, 2011

Messengers - 4

The war was a tricky subject. For one thing, it was hard to say whether or not it was one war or a lot of wars. Any number of small time thugs around the war got messages that they interpreted as meaning that it was their chance to seize power and went for it.

The US and China almost went to war, when the angels revealed that China had been intentionally trying to destabilize the US as an economic power. There was a lot of saber rattling, and even some troop mobilization, but it ultimately didn’t go anywhere.

Dylan still wasn’t sure why that was, although he had a couple of theories. One, and there was certainly some support in messages that had gone public, was that something that the angels said led them to conclude that if they went to war, everyone would die.

The other theory, the one that Dylan actually hoped was true, was that once the secrets were out in the open and that everyone knew them, once they found out that subterfuge and manipulation were no longer viable options, there was just no point in them going to war.

He didn’t think that the sort of existential despair experienced by the Colonel had much to do with it. Most people didn’t believe that their fates were set, even if all the evidence seemed to point that way. But things did change. Having no secrets and a sneak peek at the future will do that to a world.

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