Monday, April 4, 2011

The Monday Update

Annnd let's see what's up this week:

Love and Panic At Uncle D' Old Fashioned Ice Cream Emporium - A slightly older story (as in I wrote it at the tail end of last year) that is, in fact, completely finished and actually short enough to be described as a short story. Huzzah. This is a fairly rough version of the story, since I wrote it as an exercise in writing fast and without a plot in mind, neither of which I do very often. That said, it amused me a lot more reading it this time compared to when I finshed, which is a good sign.

Messengers - Is winding down, writing wise, so I may actually be finished with it this week, depending on the paid work.

Red Teeth - Another chapter should be up this week. Yes, I know I said that last week, too.

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