Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Love and Panic at Uncle D’s Olde Fashioned Ice Cream Emporium - 6

“Well,” I said to Selene, “It was nice knowing you. Except for the dying thing.”

“We’re not going to die.”

“Well, you might not…”

“Trust me, just watch.”

Behind Pan, who was still coming fast on our heels, the brides were rising up like a white wave. Before he could get to us one of his brides stepped in front of him. I was sure he was going to trample her down, but he stopped suddenly.


The wave rushed over him. He struggled and was lost in a seas of white flesh. They didn’t say a word, just engulfed him in nameless lust. I could see flash of red as they piled onto him.

“What’s happening?”

“Pan’s…let’s call it love…is lust and sex distilled down to it’s purest form. While the brides were still being milked, their urges were being kept in check. Now in the presence of Pan they’re letting it all out.”

“So they’re…”

“Fucking him to death, yeah. They’ll devour him in their desire.”

It wasn’t pretty. They were a seamless squirming mass of flesh, no way to tell where one began and another ended. It wasn’t sexy, it wasn’t erotic. It looked like maggots on dead flesh and somewhere in the moaning, Uncle D was screaming.

“Jesus Christ.”

“Has nothing to do with it.”

There was more red than I expected, and I realized that the brides were tearing each other apart, and more were rising from the beds all around us, not even needing Selene’s help. They were killing each other. One of them looked up at me with a shark’s smile and started to move forward. Selene struck her down.

“We need to go, now.”

“Terrific. Do you have any ideas about getting around the ravening sex beasts there?”

“I do. Come on.”

She went to the wall and began to chop at it with the sickle while the brides were still destroying themselves.

“This area is a four dimensional space pushed into a three dimensional space. So no matter how big it is, the walls are still…”

Moonlight came in through the wall. Fresh air, more or less.

“…the walls.”

I started chopping with my sickle and we managed to get a hole going. I smashed into it with my shoulder and kept going right through to the grass. Selene was right behind me.

“Are you just going to lay around all night or what?”

“What about them.”

“They…” she paused, a sad looking passing before being replaced with anger, “...they stopped being human as soon as Pan got to them. There’s nothing left for them.”

The shed started to shudder, and things changed. I felt like my head was trying to turn inside out and everything started to taste like the sound of purple. Selene grabbed my arm.

“og ot deen we” said she.


She gave up on me and started booking it for the edge of the little pasture the shed was seated in the middle of. The landscape blurred and Selene stretched out to the edge of forever. I wanted to look back but back was in front of me. Selene reached out with a hand a million miles long and grabbed me and pulled and…

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