Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Tragic Deaths of Young Celebrities - 4

Unfortunately, this was a whole different animal than the so called celebrity of the reality girl. The starlet was legitimately famous, and her every move was watched by the paparazzi, not to mention her own security staff. The chances of him being able to get her on a rooftop and push her over the edge were probably pretty slim.

The upshot was that following her was pretty easy. She was used to being followed by photographers, and the photographers themselves switched and changed from day to day. He didn’t have a lot of time to track her, not as much as he wanted, but all it took was a camera and a baseball cap.

The surveillance actually made him all the more certain about what he was going to do. She was continually rude and abrasive towards the photographers that were the main engine of her fame, and at least half the time, possibly more, she was high on something. He was disgusted by her in the abstract, but he was repulsed by her in the flesh. He had to fight the urge to push her into traffic.

The problem was that he wanted to kill her, he needed to kill her, but he had no intention of going to prison to do it. He had a calling, and he wasn’t going to be able to answer it if he went to jail. This meant that if he was going to kill her, he needed to be able to do it in a way that couldn’t obviously be connected to him.

This was not as easy as a thousand mystery novels and police procedural shows would make you think, but Johnny was patient. He even actually managed to make some money when the Starlet spit water directly into his camera. So it wasn’t all bad.

It took about six months for Johnny to find his opening, and it was the absolutely perfect opening. Hypothetically, the Starlet was clean and sober after her fourth, maybe fifth trip through rehab. The key word there was hypothetically. In reality, she’d started using a whole range of drugs again, at all times of day.

Now, the Starlet being, well, a starlet, she didn’t hit some shmo on the corner to get her stuff. It took Johnny a while to figure it out, but what she did was send some sort of message from iPhone to her dealer, and then her assistant went and met the guy somewhere and actually made the hand off.

Following the assistant, a pretty girl who couldn’t have been out of her teens yet, was a little trickier than following the Starlet. She was always nervous when she went on these runs, and while this made it easy to figure out when she was going on these runs, it made it harder for him to follow her. She was jumpy and constantly on the look out for someone behind her.

You’d think, given how often she had to do it, she’d have gotten used to it, but she never did. Johnny, truth be told, felt sorry for her. He understood why she did it, why she kept the job, but he could see the stress it was putting on her. The Stralet, of course, was completely oblivious. Just another reason.

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