Friday, February 11, 2011

Messengers - 2

The US government was the first to have something to say about the issue, and they almost immediately decried it as act of terrorism. It didn’t last long. It became pretty clear that no human agency could be responsible for it.

The messages appeared in every medium that wasn’t direct person to person communication. They didn’t appear all the time, but they appeared on DVD’s, in emails, in newspaper prints, and during phone calls.

There was no discernable pattern to when they appeared. They were apparently personal to the people that received them. In the case of printed matter, this again raised the question of causality. The messages were imprinted at the time of creation, so how did they end up in the hands of people they were relevant to?

The governments of the world, for their part, realized with impressive speed that if they could sort through the deluge of information, there were plenty of tasty morsels of intelligence there. The angels were not concerned with national security.

The US government retrofitted their Echelon system, which monitored communications in the US more or less covertly, to record these messages. Of course, there were also messages encoded in Echelon’s output as well, which made things recursively complicated.

Some governments tried to clamp down on them. China immediately denounced them and hit their version of an internet kill switch. It didn’t help. However the angels did what they did, it didn’t matter whether or you were connected to the outside world. If you plugged in a computer and set it to create random numbers, it would eventually throw a message.

Unsurprisingly, the messages started a war.

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