Friday, January 7, 2011

What We're Doing Here

The short version: Writing a novel.

The less short version: I'm writing a horror novel, called (for now, at least) Until Dawn. It has monsters. And snow. I'm going to post it here as I go, warts and all, no rewriting or editing, and then self publish the final version in ebook form.

Actually, that's just the initial goal. The long term goal is continue to pump out books, so this will place will be, god help us, a kind of modern pulp, which is why it's called HyperPulp 5000.

What's going to be posted here are the novels, short stories, and stuff that relates to writing and the business of writing. I will try to keep at least sort of on topic.



So who the hell am I?

I'm Justin Jordan, and I'm a writer from the deeps of Pennsylvania. I am actually a professional writer, but my paid work has mostly been copywriting. My goal is to transition to writing fiction full time.

I'm also a comic book guy, and I've got a pretty big project coming out later this year, which I may also occasionally post stuff about.

I type like I have small vienna sausages taped to my fingers, so I feel it's only fair to warn you that there will be typos. By god, there will be typos.

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