Monday, January 24, 2011

The Monday Update

What's currently running here at Stately HyperPulp Manor:

Puncher - Zombies sports. No, really.

The Bean King - A man makes a hard bargain to gain a year of success.

Until Dawn - A suspiciously familiar small town is attacked by supernatural evil during a blizzard.

The Bean King and Puncher are short stories that will finish this week. Until Dawn is a novel running until I finished the damn thing which should be in and around the end of February.

Coming Up:

The Speech of Angels - Messages from alledged angels begin showing up in all forms of human communication except face to face talking, telling people about their past, present and future. This is not a good thing. Short story.

The Murder Game - The next novel after Until Dawn. This is the first in the Cassandra Group series, about a private organization that fights evil the authorities can't or won't acknowledge.

Long Time Gone - The next novel after The Murder Game. A man is brought back from the dead to solve his own murder. Involves a psychic cold war, Nazi experiments, and a supernatural whale.

(Full admission - Long Time Gone is already in progress. I've been writing it by hand in a notebook.)

All titles subject to change when I think of something better.

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